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Let's Get Coding

As we are originally an UK-based company and we are working with international clients, you will need to be able to communicate in English. Therefore the scrabble challenge instructions are in English.

The aim of this exercise is simply to demonstrate the way that you approach a problem and the general style of your coding. The problem should not take more than one or two afternoons. Elder Studios delivers solutions through MVC frameworks, it would help if you did the same. Read our blog post on how to approach the problem: Recruitment Insight: The Scrabble Club Leaderboard.

Problem Description

A Scrabble Club requires a system to store members’ information and provide leader boards to show their top performing players.

For the basic details of members the requirement is to store information such as the date they joined the Club, and their contact details. All recorded Scrabble games are head-to-head matches between two players; the player with the higher score at the end of the game wins.

You should provide, in order of priority:

  • A member’s profile screen showing their
    • number of wins.
    • number of losses.
    • their average score.
    • their highest score, when and where it was scored, and against whom.
  • Interfaces (preferably browser-based) to create and edit members’ details, such as name, contact number and so on.
  • A leader board screen to list the members with the top 10 average scores, drawn only from those members who have played at least 10 matches.
  • Below the leaderboard, statistics showing the current highest and lowest scores achieved, who scored them, against whom, and when.

There is no need to produce interfaces to manipulate all the data in the database. Adding test data manually is fine, but there should be enough data in the system to show that everything works as specified (especially the leaderboard). There is no requirement for users to login or be authenticated.


The purpose of the Challenge is to give us something to talk about at an interview. The description is deliberately a little vague; don’t worry about guessing exactly what we mean.

Feel free to use any frameworks or libraries you wish to help with your solution. There are no extra points for reinventing wheels. We use MVC frameworks such as Spring, Laravel or Django, and like to see solutions using these, or similar.

Don’t be tempted to spend too long on it, and enjoy your time on this development. If you don’t enjoy this kind of task, you won’t enjoy your days with us.

We are really not that bothered about a flashy front-end.

When It's Done

Ideally, the solution should be available, somewhere, running. Code in an on-line private repository is best. Once you have sent us your application, we will respond with an account for you to share the repo.

Email your challenge to